Sinéma, the angels are with you

Free text about Martial Raysse (essay around and about his painting and sculpture by the poet Michel Bulteau). But who is Martial Raysse ? He’s a French painter born in 1936, who started his career with Jean Cocteau. Then, he was one of the creators of the Pop-Art, and he founded the « Nouveaux réalistes » Group with Yves Klein.They have been joined by Cesar, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Christo.

In opposition to the industrial and consumer society, the Group tried to find a new approach of reality, and find a real place, as artists , in the 20th Century. Michel Bulteau, close friend of Martial Raysse, is famous for his Electric Manifeste, new poetry experiences based on his american life in New-York, 1970.

This book, Sinéma, the angels are with you, is an invitation to share Bulteau’s knowledge about the influences of Raysse (Cinéma, the magic lantern, New York, Venise, Orson Welles, etc..).

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