Dominique Sylvain (ENG)

Dominique Sylvain

Dominique Sylvain was born on September 30, 1957 in Thionville in Lorraine. She worked for twelve years in Paris, first as a journalist, then as head of internal communication and patronage at Usinor.

For thirteen years she lived with her family in Asia. Tokyo, where she spent ten years, inspired her first novel Baka! (1995). Blood Sisters and The Lizard King (1997 and 1998) were written in Singapore.

She currently lives in Paris but remains very attached to Asia and visits regularly. An unconditional fan of Murakami and an insatiable reader, she continues to reinvent herself with great creativity. _
Winner of many awards, including the Grand Prix of Elle readers in 2005 for Passage of Desire, she now devotes herself exclusively to writing. Her seventeen novels have all been published in the Chemins Nocturnes collection by Éditions Viviane Hamy.

books by this author

Une femme de rêve

Woman of my dream

Paru le 05-11-2019
Les Infidèles

The Unfaithful

Paru le 01-02-2018
L'Archange du chaos

The Archangel of Chaos

Paru le 09-12-2014
Ombres et soleil

Darkness and Light

Paru le 20-03-2014
Le Roi Lézard

The Lizard King

Paru le 15-03-2012
La Nuit de Geronimo

In The Deep Night Of Geronimo

Paru le 02-03-2009
L'Absence de l'ogre

The Missing Ogre

Paru le 04-05-2007
Manta corridor

Manta corridor

Paru le 17-03-2006
La Fille du samourai

The Samouraï’s daughter

Paru le 15-04-2005
Passage du désir

Passage of desire

Paru le 17-03-2004
Techno bobo

Techno Bohemian

Paru le 16-04-1999


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