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November, 19th, 2013 

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  Foreign publishers : praise for THE MADONNA OF (...)  

Foreign publishers : praise for THE MADONNA OF NOTRE-DAME.


Dear friends and colleagues,

In January, our crime list will welcome a new author : Alexis Ragougneau. Even before its publication, foreign rights have already been sold in three countries. We have asked these first foreign readers to explain why they fell for “The Madonna of Notre-Dame”.

If you would like to receive a finished copy (hot from our printer !) or the electronic file of this outstanding novel, please do not hesitate to contact me :

Maylis Vauterin

(00 33) 1 53 17 16 03


In Italy, only two days after submission, Ugo Guanda Editore made a bid for it.


“If La Madone de Notre Dame is a ‘noir’ work that appeals with subtleness and strength, it is because it conveys a keen sense of truth. It manages to return authenticity and a touch of everyday life to a monument like Notre Dame, which has been solemnised by the passing of time and made banal and ordinary by swarms of tourists. Moreover, the characters are credible, true to life, and their emotions remain vivid even under the mythical vaults of the Quai des Orfèvres.”

Luigi Brioschi, President, Ugo Guanda Editore


In Germany, foreign rights have been sold to Ullstein Verlag and will be published within the List imprint.


The auction involved five major German publishers and has reached a 6-figure deal !

“A superb debut novel : captivating, magnificently written, intelligently observed, with sensitivity and empathy towards the characters. It is an extraordinary crime novel, but also an impressive social novel.”

Dr. Siv Bublitz, CEO, Ullstein Verlag


In Spain, Ediciones Siruela will publish THE MADONNA OF NOTRE-DAME in 2014 !


“La Madone de Notre-Dame engrosses the reader until the last page, without surrendering for a moment to entertainment and social critique. The author’s narrative style is lucid and dynamic. This dynamism is also reflected in the numerous beautifully-crafted dialogues, which perfectly conjure up the characters’ appearances.”

Commissioning board, Ediciones Siruela

  The Madonna of Notre-Dame       Alexis Ragougneau (ENG)       La Madone de Notre-Dame  

The Madonna of Notre-Dame

Alexis Ragougneau (ENG)

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


Alexis Ragougneau (ENG)


La Madone de Notre-Dame

Alexis Ragougneau

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


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