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  French Noir abroad  

French Noir abroad


Dear friends,

As our crime series Chemins nocturnes (Night roads) is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this month, we are glad to be able to introduce to you the characteristics of this series, entirely dedicated to French crime fiction. In brief : a unique atmosphere, original characters, fine writing and also a certain freedom within the codes of the crime genre.

Below is the good news on some recent titles of this series that we would like to share with you.

Should you wish to receive a finished copy of the French editions, or in another language available, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With all good wishes,

Maylis Vauterin
00 33 (0) 1 53 17 16 03


Dominique Sylvain : (re)discover a solid talent of French crime fiction and her lively duo of investigators :
Ingrid & Lola !


This month, Dominique Sylvain will publish her new novel Ombres et soleil staring the lively duo, Ingrid and Lola. We are pleased to share some quotes from the British press about Passage du désir (The Dark Angel) (MacLehose Press, published in December) :

“There is a strong flavor of Simenon in the way she evokes Paris”.
Herald Scotland

“It is unusual to find a crime novel that works on so many levels simultaneously in terms of characterisation, location, plotting and dialogue”.
Crime Fiction lover


This Spring, Alexis Ragougneau speaks fluent
German, Swedish and Spanish !


Three foreign editions of La Madone de Notre Dame by Alexis Ragougneau will be out in Germany (Ullstein), Sweden (Sekwa) and Spain (Siruela). Discover the foreign covers above !


Karim Miské in the German and Greek bestsellers’ lists


The German edition of Arab Jazz by Karim Miské has just entered the KrimiZeit bestsellers’ list at number ten. Foreign rights have been sold to Germany (Lübbe), Italy (Fazi), the United Kingdom (MacLehose Press) and Argentina (Adriana Hidalgo) but are still available in many countries including Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

  Darkness and Light       The Madonna of Notre-Dame       Arab jazz  

Darkness and Light

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


The Madonna of Notre-Dame

Alexis Ragougneau (ENG)

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


Arab jazz

Karim Miské (ENG)

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


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