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This night’s foul work


Already sold in 40 countries

Adamsberg and Camille have become « friends », to the great displeasure of the commissioner, who divides his time between looking after their son and investigating a dark story of virgins.

Fred Vargas, in an entertaining writing style and with exhilarating pleasure, takes us through a thousand detours : a priest who has lost faith, Normans hanging on to their bar counter and their little glass of white wine, a deer whose heart has been torn out, a desecrated tomb, an old medieval book…

Press reviews

Le Figaro magazine

« Faithful to her style, Fred Vargas has definitively conquered her status as French Queen of the detective novel. »


« (This last novel) concentrates the literary qualities of a writer who has arrived at maturation, still so brilliant in her dialogue and sketches of characters, but even more impressive in the handling of intrigue. »

About the author

Fred Vargas (ENG)
Although, at the start, she was taken for a man because of her pen (...)

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