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The Missing Ogre

Dominique SYLVAIN

On one hand, there’s Lola, a grumpy retired police inspector who can never spend a day without her best friend : red wine.

On the other hand, there’s Ingrid, an American girl in love with Paris. She gives massages all day long and does stripteases at night.

This mismatched and funny duo lives in a Parisian working class district, and can never refuse to help a friend in trouble with the police.

Lou Necker is found murdered in a Parisian park. A gardener has gone missing, and thus is considered to be the principal suspect for the murder investigation. He was about to contact Ingrid, as they were friends in New Orleans, and was working with a false identity. Ingrid then decides to find him to prove his innocence with her friend Lola, refusing to believe that he might be the culprit. He might look like an ogre, but he’s so sweet and loyal. He couldn’t hurt a fly.

While following a lead, Lola and Ingrid discover a wonderful hidden garden, next to a convent and a squat, that is being threatened by a mysterious and suspicious operation.

5 suspense novels available with the same characters :

Dirty War (2011)
The Missing Ogre (2007)
Manta Corridor (2006)
The Samouraï’s daughter (2005)
Passage of Desire (2004)

Press reviews


« The writer focuses on characters who don’t act as simple figure-heads. She knows how to catch the everyday life of a working-class district (…) with accuracy, and without affected pathos(…). Her Paris is alive. »

About the author

Dominique SYLVAIN
Dominique Sylvain est née le 30 septembre 1957 à Thionville en (...)

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