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The Furious Army


Already sold in 40 countries

A little old lady, who comes from Normandy, waits for Police Superintendent Adamsberg on the footpath. Altough they have not arranged a meeting, it is with him alone that she wishes to speak.

One night in her village, her daughter saw The Furious Army. They are a cohort of the living dead who come to carry away the worst kinds of people from the surrounding area. Murderers, robbers and anyone without a clear conscience is threatened. As the old legend goes, this is a sign that many will be murdered. Adamsberg agrees to go there and carry out the investigation in the village terrorised by superstitions and wild rumours.

The Furious Army is the eighth novel in the Adamsberg series and has met with international success (each title in the series has sold on average 400 000 copies in France and 100 000 copies have been sold in Germany and Italy).

Press reviews

Le Figaro littéraire

« An unsettling, poetic and mysterious crime novel, beyond the confines of the litarary canon, which will fill with delight its countless readers throughout the world. »

About the author

Fred Vargas (ENG)
Although, at the start, she was taken for a man because of her pen (...)

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