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The Madonna of Notre-Dame

Alexis Ragougneau

It is the day after 15 August in Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. A beautiful young woman, clothed in white, is kneeling in one of the side chapels. But when an American tourist knocks against her, her body collapses : she has been murdered.

Commanding officer Landard and lieutenant Gombrowicz, together with the young and sensitive acting prosecutor, Claire Kauffmann, are leading the inquiry. The autopsy reveals that the victim’s sex had been sealed with wax, as if to reconstruct her virginity. Father Kern is questioned from all sides...

The Madonna of Notre-Dame is a dazzling dive into the mystery of good and evil but is also a comic and quirky novel which shows the cathedral of Paris in a new light.

About the author

Alexis Ragougneau (ENG)
Alexis Ragougneau, is a playwright and The Madonna of Notre-Dame is (...)

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