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The Wall, the Kabyle and the sailor


Foreign rights : Italy (Einaudi) - United Kingdom (McLehose Press)

It’s the story of a nice cop whom people call "Le Mur" [The Wall]. He only thinks about boxing, going up on the ring again and again, even in the shabbiest places, facing less commendable opponents. During an evening of victory - but at what a price ! - someone suggests that he takes care of a "client’s" businesses.

The tired cop accepts to kick people’s butts for 500 €, no questions asked. With dirty hands but an almost clear mind, he begins to understand that he has been beating up intellectuals, journalists, who never defend themselves. When he realizes who the "client" is, the case takes a different turn...

One night, he decides to ask his victim some questions before beating him up; he understands some of it and ends up embarking to Marseille, looking for a veteran from the Algerian War. The novel turns into a road-movie, concurrently with the story of a barracks during the dirty war: a microcosm of tension and horrors.

Press reviews

Le Canard enchaîné

« This is a boxing ring you are unlikely to escape without being KO’d. »


« One of the ten best detective novels [...]. A dark text of incredible force [...]. A ressounding success and confirmation of a leading author. »

About the author

Antonin Varenne (ENG)
United States, Mexico... Antonin Varenne travelled a lot before he (...)

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Antonin Varenne (ENG)

Paru le 15-04-2009

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