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An uncertain place


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Adamsberg leaves for a three day colloquium in London. Estalère, the young sergeant, and Danglard – terrified by the idea of going under the Channel – are part of the trip. Everything should go lightly and smoothly, but a macabre event puts their colleague from New Scotland Yard, Radstock, on his guard.

Clyde-Fox, a local eccentric, talks to him about the old Highgate cemetery. Shoes – with feet inside them – are facing the cemetery, “one of the most baroque romantic cemeteries of the West”, a macabre, gothic, unique place. As the British investigation begins, the French go back to their country and find themselves confronted by a horrible massacre in a suburb house.

Little by little, Adamsberg, with Danglard’s help, follows the vampires’ track and that of the vampire killers as far as Siberia.

The superintendent is in the centre of the novel, in every possible way. La Boule meets an almost rival, Danglard is close to falling in love, Retancourt is as efficient as always, but the squad is not as safe as it used to be.

About the author

Fred Vargas (ENG)
Although, at the start, she was taken for a man because of her pen (...)

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