Thrillers/noir Novels

A Job to Finish

Eric Todenne

Roger Lourdier, a resident of the Cornflowers who suffers from Alzheimer’s, fell awkwardly against the corner of his bedside table, and died. It can only have been an accident. But a small detail attracts the attention of Lisa, the young girl who is carrying out voluntary community service in the retirement home: the old man has no social security number.

How is that possible, in France, today? Lisa tells her father about it. Her father is commanding officer Andreani, who, dismissed for serious misconduct by his superior, Nancy, has to report to Francesca Rossini, the psychiatrist in charge of deciding whether he can return to his post.

Andreani, an archetypal old fashioned policeman, and his acolyte Couturier, are determined to shed light on this mystery. Could it be an administrative error? Unlikely. And, what does the inscription “SO.3-02.AB+”, tattooed on the back of his neck, mean?

It’s heavy stuff. He knows it, senses it…

About the author

A Job to Finish is the first novel by Eric Todenne. This pseudonym (...)

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