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Woman of my dream

Dominique SYLVAIN

“No mistake about it, this girl was from the defeated people. She wouldn’t risk anything. All brains: she limited herself to analytical thinking. And what if you reached the conclusion that my father had no reason to wish you ill? A erroneous deduction. The worry with him is that he is never in control of the strange emotions that ride in the meanders of his mind. He is like a demigod, capable of doing evil as much as good. An absurd and marvellous being, stripped of empathy, fearless, able to throw himself into pointless and unthinkably perilous action for himself and his loved ones.”

After having visited The Unfaithful and had a stopover in Japan with Kabukicho, Dominique Sylvain takes us once again into her dangerously oneiric and sensual universe. New technologies and Bitcoins give her a thousand and one ways to bend the rules of the thriller.

Woman of my dream blurs the leads: instead of searching for the suspect, is it not more alluring to seek out the victim?

“In a way, it’s crazy but I like it like that.”
Dominique Sylvain

About the author

Dominique SYLVAIN
Dominique Sylvain est née le 30 septembre 1957 à Thionville en (...)

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