The Ghost of Little Marcel

Élyane Dezon-Jones (ENG)

Stéphane Heuet (ENG)

Imagine that the child Marcel Proust comes back to see us in our time. What would he say to us ? This is an album for children from 7 years old or for adults who haven’t grown up.

What could that sound of wheezing possibly be which little Alix can hear in the middle of the night, in the Illiers household ? And there, sitting on the floor, she comes across a little boy who seems to have come straight out of the Belle Epoque and who is having trouble breathing. On his lap is an open book. Bravely, Alix Begins to talk to him. She finds out that Marcel is looking for a title for his book and that he has asthma. But their conversation is cut off abruptly when the boy vanishes in the blink of an eye ! Intrigued by Marcel’s search, she starts thinking about helping him to fin the words for the title of his book...

The Ghost of Little Marcel is a funny and tender story, and introduces us to the fantastical and playful heart of Proust’s tale.

Presse & Librairie

Macha Séry, Le Monde des Livres

« Une façon originale d’aborder dès le plus jeune âge Proust et la Recherche du temps perdu. »

About the author

Élyane Dezon-Jones (ENG)
Élyane Dezon-Jones has taught at Barnard College (New York) and at (...)

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