Sweet dreams : Candies and lollipops of the world

Pierre SKIRA

Through the close-up photographs, the sugar comes to the surface of the candy and makes your mouth water.

Or else it will be Tagada’s orgy, of melting mint, anise mixed with eucalyptus, all the imaginable compositions, to taste, to devour, to suck, with sticky fingers, black lips or blue or yellow, the heart suddenly soothed. Candies have taken over the souls, the bellies, the tongues. Translated or renamed, they have travelled, taking the essence of local cultures with them, wrapped and labeled according to the respect they deserve: Wolf Caramel from Finland, Penguin Candy from Iceland, Burnt Sugar from Great-Britain, Violet from Austria, Marshmallow from the USA, Butterfly Lollipop from Japan.

Loyal companion to our first years, the book presents itself as an irreplaceable ally in our conquests of the heart, or in the swaps in the playground. The child that you used to be – and perhaps that you still are – will rejoice itself. A riddle caramel sets the playground on fire, under the mocking gaze of monsters, snakes, crocodiles, vampires, frogs and penguins.

Born from Pierre Skira’s private collection, this beautiful book is a delicious journey, placed between the photography book and literary fantasy. Twelve chapters are thematically organized around different types of sweets: lollipops, marshmallows, caramels, modern candies, crystallized flowers, medicinal candies, etc…

This book addresses all audiences : all you need is to be a little greedy, or simply curious, it’s a real treat.

Pierre Skira is a pastel painter. He’s the son of Albert Skira, from the eponymous publishing house, and many art works are devoted to him. He’s also the author of a novel, Les Orgues de glace [The Ice Organs] at Viviane Hamy’s publisher. He collects sweets from all around the world by pure greediness.

Jean-Marie Del Moral favorite fields are architecture, interiors, food and fashion. His works appear in national and international magazines (Vogue, Food&Wine, Elle décor). He contributed to numerous books published at Thames & Hudson, Flammarion, Harvill Press, Actes Sud, Rizzoli (for instance: Barcelò, L’Atelier de Mirò [ Mirò’s studio], Cuisine Cajùn) and exposes regularly in France and in Spain.

Pascal Guth is a graphic designer, a stage manager, a musician and a layout artist.

About the author

Pierre Skira (ENG)
Born in 1938, Pierre Skira is a pastel painter. He is the son of (...)

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Paru le 19-03-2008

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