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With a nerve that only great novelists have, Magda Szabó reinvents the universal literary masterpieces: The Aeneid. The author’s father would tell her every night about Aeneas’ exploits, and it was this familiarity with the text that allowed her to free herself from it, and rewrite it. Why should Creusa - Aeneas’ first wife - die ? Why shouldn’t she survive the fall of Troy? It is a reconstitution, a profound rewriting, but also a modern interpretation. What we have her is a political novel as well as a mythological one: power, totalitarianism...

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Le Monde des livres

« The strange project that Magda Szabó cherishes throughout her life and executes in a more mature age resembles Marguerite Yourcenar’s Hadrien and Virginia Wolf’s Orlando. »

About the author

Magda Szabó (ENG)
Magda Szabó was born in Debrecen in 1917 to a highly educated family of (...)

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