The Door


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A duel between two very different women : an explosion of the mistress-servant relationship. Emerence is a servant, generous as only a queen without a kingdom can be. Naturally unselfish, she is deeply preoccupied by every living thing around her, but she has a strong nature and keeps her flat as a sanctuary where no one ever enters. The mistress is an intellectual, awkward with everyday things ans basic feelings. They share their universe amidst tension and misunderstanding, and their relationship smoothy turns upside down, until it reaches crisis point.

Press reviews

The Guardian

« There is much in this story that will bewilder and perplex, but The Door is a document of a vital relationship. »

The New Yorker

« The Door is a bone-shaking book. »

The Telegraph

« A demonic female version of Jeeves, Emerence not only clears the knots from the writer’s life but also acts as the unofficial administrator for the neighbourhood, all-seeing and as a firmly interventionist as the Old Testament God. »

Le Canard enchaîné

« Magda Szabó [...] shows us the sulfurous conflict that exists between two women, the « mistress » and the « servant », making the latter into a kind of queen without a kingdom. »

About the author

Magda Szabó (ENG)
Magda Szabó was born in Debrecen in 1917 to a highly educated family of (...)

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