The Prince and the Monk

Róbert HÁSZ

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In the 10th century, in central Europe, a monk is sent as a secret emissary of the pope. He must convince the Magyars to form an alliance with the pope, while Byzantium on one side and the Emperor Oton on the other, divide up the Carpathian Basin territories.

Upon his arrival at the frontier of the Christian world, the monk Stephanus is quickly taken prisoner and various clans trade him like a precious object. He is obviously being taken for the descendant of a prince, the Kunde, who, according to the ancient order, was linked to the Ancestor-God and incarnated religious power.

At first reluctantly, Stephanus slips into his new identity, letting himself be convinced to abandon his initial mission and reestablish the ancient order. But a mystery surrounds him: he seems to understand the “barbaric” language, easily rides horseback and remembers being taken in as a child at the monastery. Could it possibly be that he is indeed the Kunde?

An historical tale with a clear message : "When a people loses its sacred roots, it is condemned to disappear."

Press reviews


« The geopolitical conflicts between Byzantium, Rome and German Empire, their constant new developments, like an initiatory odyssey, and their medieval settings will please anyone who enjoys adventure ans shamanic legends. »

Témoignage chrétien

« A world of legend and heroism. »

About the author

Robert Hász (ENG)
Róbert Hász was born on 1 November 1964 in Doroslovo, Vojvodina, in the (...)

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