The Women who Dance Under Bombs

Céline Lapertot

When words cut like blades…

Somewhere in Africa, civil war rages. The militia opposes the armed forces. Seraphine is a young girl who witnesses the massacre of her family before being raped in front of her agonizing father. Nerine, a widowed peasant, owes her dignity to Seraphine, who stabs a mercenary about to rape her. And Blandine is a division chief, who immediately recognizes in Seraphine a future recruit for the armed forces.

These women are in turn victim and executioner, enemy and accomplice. Their voices alternate and form a moving chorus. They proclaim their hatred of men’s violence and a rediscovered strength among sisters, and give voice to their song of fury which will not easily be forgotten...

About the author

Céline Lapertot (ENG)
Céline Lapertot teaches French in Strasbourg. She has been writing (...)

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