What my silence wrote

Céline Lapertot

Charlotte killed her father...

A short time before her court appearance, where she will have to acknowledge her act and recount the ten years leading up to it, she writes the judge an open letter describing the hell she lived in, which led her to commit the irreparable.

She was seven years old when her father, who up until then had cosseted her, inflicting violence only on her mother, became her nightmare. At night he locked his daughter in the cellar and, by keeping a girl’s bedroom upstairs, maintained the illusion, to the outside world, of the peaceful existence of a child. He would give his daughter a glimpse of the locked room to deepen her humiliation.

Her account is the scream that Charlotte cannot let out in front of the adults who question her and the peers who are disquieted by her difference.

This staggering novel is marked by an alarming rhythm and a dramatic suspense, delivered through accomplished writing.

About the author

Céline Lapertot (ENG)
Céline Lapertot teaches French in Strasbourg. She has been writing (...)

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