The trail of an Apache Poet

Guillaume Staelens

The 90s, Seattle in the USA. Nicholas Stanley, born of a Native American Indian mother and an American father, the heir of an aeronautics company, embodies the American dream of ethnic intermixing.

But Nick feels out of place. He leaves the family nest and meets Pearl Van Leu – a lesbian artist of Vietnamese origin who is 10 years his senior – and follows her from San Francisco to New York. The young woman introduces him the world of experimental art and sexual pleasure, and leads him into the underworld of drugs and alcohol. When he wakes up to destructive side of their relationship, he flees for the northern lights of Canada.

His quest does not end there. His father passes away, leaving him share of the family estate, but instead Nicholas leaves everything once again, this time for Latin America. From there, his dreams of setting food in Patagonia is within hs reach. How far will he go to fill his hunger for discovery, knowledge and revolt ?

About the author

Guillaume Staelens (ENG)
Guillaume Staelens was born in 1973 in Seine-Saint-Denis. As a (...)

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