The Lady of tears


Adam Volladier is a well-known painter, who lives with Rita and their son Félix. His art work is unfolding thanks to the constant support of Emile Deltim, his loyal art manager.

This harmony is mysteriously shattered when his grandmother Josephine dies. Our hero loses all motivation. Nothing moves him, neither his love for Rita and Félix nor his driving need to paint. His imagination vanishes like a cloud in the sky, leaving only difference in his soulless being.

He roams the streets alone and has sleazy encounters in bars. Over many heavy, sleepless nights strange things begin to happen : in his workshop he discovers paintings which he does not remember painting. They show a woman with her back turned surrounded by scenes depicting the various stages of a murder.

Tha canvases continue to accumulate until the day he recognizes the character that endlessly emerges from under his brush. It is the young girl Josephine, as she appears in old photos Volladier has seen of her.

Who was she ? Who is he ?

About the author

Claire Wolniewicz (ENG)
Born in 1966, Claire Wolniewicz is a freelance journalist. She has (...)

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