The Time of a fall


Madelaine is 11 years old when her father abandons her at the orphanage. Rebellious against all authority and alone amongst the other girls, sewing becomes her only refuge.

The nuns place her in a dressmaking workshop and very quickly she creates her first designs. Customers stream in, discover her creations and order them: the workshop overflows with activity. Her designs are a smash hit. From then on, the couture house carries her name: « Madelaine Delisle ».

Fashion takes off and the century passes by with its inventions and destructions, such as the war which brings her Tadeusz, a survivor of the camps.

From this union comes a girl, Lucie, whom she is incapable of cherishing. Her old demons prevent her from being happy.

Ubiquity, the first novel of Claire Wolniewicz was a clear success among the critics and booksellers (Viviane Hamy, 2005 – more than 10,000 copies sold). [Lycéen Prize « Librecourt 2006 »]

Press reviews

Questions de femmes

« With this second novel, Claire Wolniewicz proves her unique talent as a storyteller. A fresco of the 20th century, an original and delicate novel. The story of a passionate love affair. Magnificient. »

About the author

Claire Wolniewicz (ENG)
Born in 1966, Claire Wolniewicz is a freelance journalist. She has (...)

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