The Brelan sisters

François VALLEJO

Foreign rights : Germany (Aufbau Verlag) - Italy (Del Vecchio Editore)

Judith, Marthe and Sabine: the Brelan girls are three inseparable sisters. Shortly after the Second World War, their father dies, leaving them on their own in the beautiful designer house he conceived. United by a fierce feeling of fraternity – it seems they don’t need to talk, one finishing the sentence of the other –, the Brelan sisters convince the judge to emancipate them.

Through these three characters, François Vallejo gives a brilliant portray of woman’s condition as it emerges in its modern aspect: Marthe is the devoted mother – to her sisters –, Sabine is the successful businesswoman and Judith is the idealistic childwoman.

Press reviews

Le Canard enchaîné

« François Vallejo’s novel is staggering. »


« In this playful and brilliant new novel, Vallejo abandons the huis clos he cherished, takes his characters on a trip around the world through part of the twentieth century, then entrusts us with his morality: if union is strength, the essential is to resist, to refuse all sorts of submission and savoir vivre. This is the essential word with which he ends this exciting and rebellious novel. »

Les Échos

« Once again, François Vallejo’s caustic and joyfully lit pen does wonders. We find in these Brelan sisters the dark imaginaiveness which so characterizes the author. »

Livres Hebdo

« Vallejo listens to himself as never before to make engaging characters evolve, to combine whim with seriousness. »

About the author

François Vallejo (ENG)
Francois Vallejo knows more and more where he comes from and seeks (...)

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