François VALLEJO

Foreign rights : GREECE (Polis)

When the novel begins, Alix is learning that her half-brother, Alban Joseph, has changed his name to Albdelkrim Youssef and has swung over into Islamist extremism. She tries to grasp the “metamorphoses” of this individual to whom she is so close and to curb the process. Who is Alban? When did he change so radically and how far will his search for intense emotions lead him?

In order to understand, Alix keeps a kind of private diary. When she discovers that the computer she uses to write the diary has been hacked by DCRI she decides to write an open letter about it and to manipulate her readers to save her brother.

Alban/Abdelkrim, monitored over many months, is arrested with a certain number of young people suspected of planning world-wide attacks. But, little by little, they are all released due to a lack of evidence.

Press reviews

Le Figaro Magazine

« In the pithy style of which he is fond, void of emotion, pathos, pity or ideological bias, François Vallejo tackles the most perilous of subjects (Islamism and the alarm bells it sets off) : a shocking novel that disturbs but reassures through its effortless novelistic skill. »

About the author

François Vallejo (ENG)
Francois Vallejo knows more and more where he comes from and seeks (...)

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