Light Land


Polyphonic novel in Vietnam.

The four family members discover their true nature during an initiation journey. Four family members get together in Vietnam for an initiation trip. Julien has left his country for Hanoï. In his thirties, casual and joyful, he invites his father, his half-sister Laure and her son, to discover a country. When Laure finds out that their father will be joining them – that self-centered father – the trip begins unpromisingly. Ferdinand, the little boy, on the contrary, delights in everything he discovers. Through Harry Potter’s f ilter, he sees the country’s magic and falls in love with their guide, Cho, a beautiful Vietnamese girl.

Halfway through the trip, Fabrice shows up, a young man with no personality, who gives his speakers what they think they want, and strangely disturbs the protections and resentments each of them carries within. Finally, the country’s magic will act, the splendor of the landscape, the sometimes funny situations, the good mood, the people’s kindness ease the group; and the child’s enthusiasm and his joy in discovering are strongly infectious. At the end of this initiation, each of them, as if standing on an extremely fragile thread, seems to find their center, and gets ready to listen and to love.

A fluid style, strong and lovable characters, an exotic, almost disconcerting, scenery.

Press reviews

Le Télégramme

« A mirroring game, very pleasant to read. »

Le Figaro

« The images that this novel emits take the reader far away from his known lands. »

About the author

Claire Wolniewicz (ENG)
Born in 1966, Claire Wolniewicz is a freelance journalist. She has (...)

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