Estelle Monbrun (ENG)

Estelle Monbrun

A former student of Léonard Limosin secondary school and with a PhD in literature from Paris, Estelle Monbrun (the pseudonym of this Proust expert) began her career as a professor of contemporary French literature in the United States, in New York then Saint Louis. She has become a world-renowned specialist in the works of Marcel Proust and Marguerite Yourcenar. Alongside her teaching profession, Estelle Monbrun writes detective novels published by Éditions Viviane Hamy. Her texts mix the crispness of writing, through the playful and parodic aspect of her literary production, and depth, through the scientific and documentary quality offered by those genres.

“My books can be read as mere detective novels but, if you know the source I am drawing from, you can have fun recognizing hidden quotes, stylistic references and coded characters’ names… It’s a kind of constant wink, a three-sided complicity between a writer, a novelist and a reader.”

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