Maud Tabachnik

Maud Tabachnik is a devoted and passionate reader, who also likes the cinema, nature, cities and, above all, animals. With A Rotten Summer, she was, along with Estelle Monbrun, one of the very first published authors in the young Chemins Nocturnes collection in 1994.

Often considered as one of the leading authors of modern crime fiction, she stands out through her dry, punchy and concise style, which allows her to transcribe tremendous vitality and rage. Each cinematographic scene, with no dead time, lingers endurably in the reader’s mind. Add a touch of humour and you have one of these thrillers, the secret of which only Maud Tabachnik knows.

Her modernity has often been compared with that of Dashiell Hammett or Chester Himes. She also uses her novels as a means to defend the causes close to her, which is to say the fight against antisemitism, homophobia and violence.

books by this author

L'Étoile du temple

The Star of the Temple

Paru le 20-12-2019
Le Festin de l'araignée

The Spider’s Feast

Paru le 20-12-2019
La Mort quelque part

Death Somewhere

Paru le 20-12-2019
Un été pourri

A Rotten Summer

Paru le 20-12-2019


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