Mira Popović (ENG)

Mira Popović

Mira Popović was born in Belgrade, where she studied journalism at the faculty of political sciences. She completed a PhD in sociology and political communication, studying first at the Sorbonne in Paris and then in her home town. She has been living in France for some 15 years. For many years, she was a correspondent for Yugoslav and Serbian media, and continues to report to the Belgrade press on literary and cultural events in France. She also carries out literary translation from French into Serbian. Alongside her work in journalism, Mira Popović has over many years built up a short story repertoire, recognized and admired by her fellow writers and published by the top Serbian literary reviews. Her first collection, entitled Beograd -Pariz, was released in 2007. Another collection, Harmonija, was published in February 2012 (Editions Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad, Serbia).

The narrated world of Mira Popović is characterized by a recurring questioning of the deceptive nature of reality, detection of misleading appearances, revelation of psychological simulacrums and tendency towards harmonious paradoxes. A subtle and unique dynamic is born from gently ironic mirages and slight distortions of our perception of the world, which weaves astonishingly luminous and enigmatic stories.

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