Robert Hász (ENG)

Robert Hász

Róbert Hász was born on 1 November 1964 in Doroslovo, Vojvodina, in the north of Former Yugoslavia (today in Serbia). After completing secondary school in Zombor, he did a degree in Hungarian language and literature at the university of Vojvodina. In 1991, when the serb-croat conflict reached the region where the Hungarian minority was living, he emigrated to Hungary with his family. He currently lives in Szeged, where he has been contributing since 1996 to the literary review Tiszatáj, which has been published without interruption in Hungary since 1947, and of which he became the chief editor in 2012. The same year, he received the Sándor Márai prize from the Hungarian Minister of Culture. He is the perfect example of the hybrid and unique identities engendered by the Balkans.

The author holds dear certain questions: What is freedom? What is free will? How do we find inner peace when we feel we do not belong anywhere? Is it possible to choose between a social life, with all its obligations, and a spiritual life, beyond time?

books by this author

Le Prince et le moine

The Prince and the Monk

Paru le 10-09-2007
Le Jardin de Diogène

The Garden of Diogenes

Paru le 04-02-2001


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