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  Foreign rights updates  

Foreign rights updates


Dear friends,

We are delighted to send you the following good news.

Do not hesitate to request a reading copy if you would like to consider one of these titles.

If you come to the Paris book fair, you are very welcome to visit our stand S41. I am also happy to settle an appointment.

With all good wishes,

Maylis Vauterin

(00 33) 1 53 17 16 03


"L’Ombre douce" [Soft Shadows] by Hoai Huong Nguyen


L’Ombre douce by Hoai Huong Nguyen (already sold in Italy to Ugo Guanda Editore) is attracting a lot of interests both from the press and from the booksellers :

“These ‘Soft Shadows’ are enclosed within a devastating and strangely tranquil beauty ; the spectacle of nature brought about by Hoai Huong Nguyen as she renders shifting patterns of beauty through poetry is staggering, and the notion that such powerful feelings may be kindled from within our tiny lives is appeasing.”

Elle magazine


"Chemins nocturnes" [Night Journeys] by Gaïto Gazdanov


Following the German rediscovery of Das Phantom des Alexander Wolf, we have sold German translation rights to Chemins nocturnes [Night Journeys] by Gaïto Gazdanov to Carl Hanser Verlag, and Dutch translation rights to Lebowski publishers. Find out more about this fascinating Russian author.

“If Proust had been a Russian taxi driver in Paris in the 1930s…”



"Film noir" by Dimitris Stefanàkis


In a few days, Film noir, the novel by our Greek author, Dimitris Stefanàkis, will be released. We hope that you will be thrilled by the unknown destiny of Basil Zaharoff, the arm dealer who influenced the 20th century European history.

  Soft Shadows       Night Roads       Film noir  

Soft Shadows

Hoai Huong Nguyen (ENG)

coll. Littérature française


Night Roads

Gaïto Gazdanov (ENG)

coll. Littérature étrangère


Film noir


coll. Littérature étrangère


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