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  Spring newsletter !  

Spring newsletter !


Dear friends,

After a rainy beginning, spring is finally here and our books are blooming slowly but surely… You will find below some recent echoes from the Press.

I will attend the Turino bookfair (E03) and will then head to London. I very much look forward to meeting some of you.

You can download our updated foreign rights catalogue from our website :

With all good wishes,

Maylis Vauterin
(00 33) 1 53 17 16 03


Hoai Huong Nguyen : the Dien Bien Phu Lover


“Soft Shadows” by Hoai Huong Nguyen is now sure to become a long-seller with already 3 reprints, 3 translations and 2 literary awards : after the Prix Première opening the Brussels book fair, it has just been awarded the Prix of the Geneva book fair.

“Against the backdrop of the war in Indochina : an impossible love. Hoai Huong Nguyen makes a spectacular entrance onto the literary stage.” - L’Express


Gazdanov : the Phantom is back…


“The Phantom of Alexander Wolf”, after being totally forgotten since the fifties, is receiving well-deserved recognition. Following the success of Hanser Verlag in Germany, a network of eminent European publishers is publishing this work. This amazing modern-classic is reborn.

“A combination of Pushkin, Poe and Camus : this is the resurrected masterpiece of a writer who died in 1971. Awe inspiring !” - VSD

“Impossible to put down : one of the greatest Russian authors worked in France driving taxis all across Paris by day and by night he was writing ghostly novels, strangely dark and beautiful.” - Le Nouvel Observateur


Discover “Film noir” by Dimitris Stefanàkis


“An all-powerful tycoon : a blend of Onassis, Krupp and Citizen Kane. And a wholly fascinating novel.” - Le Point

“A brilliant tale, juggling the characters that seem to spring from one era to another like a scene from a ‘noir’ film.” - L’Humanité

“A fictional life that absolutely must be discovered, underneath the sensitive and elegant turns of the writing that does not hide its own pleasure in being written.” - Point de vue

  Soft Shadows       Night Roads       Film noir  

Soft Shadows

Hoai Huong Nguyen (ENG)

coll. Littérature française


Night Roads

Gaïto Gazdanov (ENG)

coll. Littérature étrangère


Film noir


coll. Littérature étrangère


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