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June 3rd 2015 

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  The sun is shining on Léon Werth and Karim Miské (...)  

The sun is shining on Léon Werth and Karim Miské !


Dear friends,

Since our previous hopeful newsletter, some of our wishes have come true : Léon Werth’s 33 days has been widely rediscovered, thanks to the American edition by Melville House.

Karim Miské’s Arab Jazz is shortlisted for the CWA Dagger in the UK. One of his short stories will be published among the series “The Little Crime Stories” by Le Monde newspaper later in June.

And lastly, his creative nonfiction piece, Unbelonging, which was just published in France, is raising a lot of interest. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on one or several of these books.

With all good wishes,
Maylis Vauterin
00 33 (0) 1 53 17 16 09


"33 DAYS" by Léon Werth rediscovered abroad


On May 12th, Melville House published its edition of 33 jours by Léon Werth under the title 33 days. We sold the foreign rights to Bompiani editore in Italy in a five-figure deal (following an auction involving four Italian publishers) and to S. Fischer Verlag in Germany (following an auction involving four prestigious German publishers).

Foreign rights are still available in the rest of the world. French and American editions are available upon request.


"ARAB JAZZ" by Karim Miské shortlisted for the CWA DAGGER


The CWA DAGGERS are the most prestigious awards in the crime writing industry in the UK. The final Winner of the International Dagger will be announced at the end of June. Meanwhile, Danish rights to Arab jazz have been sold to Rosinante & Co.


More books by Karim Miské


Karim Miské proves that he is not a one-book writer. A short crime story will be released by Le Monde newspaper on June 25th. Don’t miss The Girls from Touquet, a story of women’s revenge, very much in the line of Kill Bill in which readers will recognize the spirit and themes of Arab jazz ! German rights have been sold to Bastei Lübbe.

In parallel, we have just published the testimony Unbelonging. Referring back to his Franco-Mauritanian and multi-religious roots, Karim Miské praises non-belonging to a religion, social class, or race, and decides to make an identity out of it. Italian rights have been sold to Fazi editore.

  33 days       Arab jazz       Unbelonging  

33 days


coll. Littérature française


Arab jazz

Karim Miské (ENG)

coll. Chemins Nocturnes



Karim Miské (ENG)

coll. Hors collection


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