« The Archangel of chaos » by Dominique Sylvain : deep into the Gehenna of your worst nightmares !

German rights sold to Piper Verlag in Germany before publication ! To be released in France next week.

The martyred body of a nurse is found in a warehouse : the victim has been chained up and tortured to death, and her tongue torn out. A woman, Franka Kehlmann, is investigating within the very masculine Commandant Carat’s section. She will have to prove herself in the field.

In its pre-publication review, the Figaro Littéraire underlined : “a suffocating rhythm, sentences like lasers […]. It is not intrigue which makes this a good story. No, the atmosphere, the relations between colleagues, the humanity, and the errors in the investigation reveal something else altogether more thrilling […]. It only remains to be said that The Archangel of Chaos, despite the darkness surrounding the case, successfully slips in a lot of tenderness and some poetry”.


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