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vendredi 13 avril 2012 

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  New voices of Literature that deserve to be heard  

New voices of Literature that deserve to be heard


Dear friends,

Although Viviane Hamy Publishing will not be at the London Book Fair this year, I would like to draw your attention to two of our new novels and one backlist author, and thus share with you some excellent news.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to receive further information or a finished copy of one of these novels. English samples are also available.

With all good wishes,

Maylis Vauterin


Cécile Coulon’s latest novel : THE KING IS NOT SLEEPY


A tale that unravels around the character of Thomas Hogan, a 20-year-old boy who is arrested by a police officer at the beginning of the story. In only 200 pages, the reader learns how the gifted son of Mary has turned into a child killer. Stunning, moving and wonderfully written.

Cécile Coulon is an exceptionally talented 21-year-old author and her latest novel is short-listed for the Prix Livre Inter (in June). It sold over 13 000 copies in France and was warmly praised by the French press.


Karim Miské’s first novel : ARAB JAZZ


A thriller which gives an insight in the cosmopolitan 19th arrondissement of Paris : the corpse of a young woman, Laura, is found hanging from her balcony. Symbols around the crime scene label her as a ‘woman tainted by impurity’. Her neighbour, Ahmed, is a daydreamer addicted to thrillers, and the perfect scapegoat.

Quote from the Press : “An author is born. And it’s good news : once he gets going, it won’t be easy to catch up with him.” L’Express


Antonin Varenne’s The Wall, the Kabyle and the sailor was awarded the Prix Quai du Polar/20 minutes


In June, FAKIRS, his first thriller published by Viviane Hamy, will be published in the United Kingdom by Quercus/McLehose Press under the title BED OF NAILS. Let’s wish it as much as success as in France and Italy !

  The King is not sleepy       Arab jazz       The Wall, the Kabyle and the sailor  

The King is not sleepy

Cécile Coulon (ENG)

coll. Littérature française


Arab jazz

Karim Miské (ENG)

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


The Wall, the Kabyle and the sailor

Antonin Varenne (ENG)

coll. Chemins Nocturnes


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